What You’ll Learn

In this 1 hour-long video lesson, Taylor guides you through her arrangement of “He’s a Pirate” from start to finish. You’ll learn Taylor’s preferred bowings, fingerings, articulations and interpretation, as well as her favorite strategies and practice tips for breaking down difficult passages to help you learn this song in the most efficient and effective way during your practice sessions.

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**Sheet music is not included with this lesson and must be purchased separately**

Have Fun Learning

Learning a new song or technique should be an exciting challenge. Taylor's lessons feature an easy-to-follow organized structure, multiple camera angles and engaging play-along sections to make the learning process efficient and enjoyable!

Your Teacher

Taylor Davis is an American violinist, composer, producer and entrepreneur. Taylor has been playing the violin for 25 years and within the last 10 years has been sharing her love of music online through the release of 10 full-length albums, 40+ singles, and 200+ videos on her incredibly popular YouTube channel. Her own compositions and unique arrangements of many of gaming, anime and film’s most iconic soundtracks have been streamed over 400 million times by her online audience of over 3 million people. Throughout her career as an independent artist, Taylor has personally mastered a wide range of audio and video technologies to produce her art, established her own independent music label, and continues to build an incredibly strong bond with her audience members who are inspired by her positivity, passion and authentic connection to the music that they love so much. A frequent live performer, Taylor has headlined tours in the U.S. and Europe, and has appeared at numerous anime and game themed conventions, industry events and colleges. She’s also a highly sought after speaker as someone who’s successfully navigated her way through the constantly changing music industry landscape as an independent and largely self-managed musician. Taylor is so excited to share her knowledge and be a part of your personal journey with the violin through her lessons!

Who is this Lesson For?

This lesson is for the violinist who is comfortable in first and third position and is up for the challenge of higher position work (fifth and sixth). This arrangement also contains some passages with fast shifting, varying dynamics and bow strokes, and fast string crossings. 

This lesson isn’t suited for complete beginners. Beginner-focused lessons will be coming soon though, so make sure you’re signed up for Taylor’s email list for updates as to when that becomes available!

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